dla Pieknej Pani

your embrace so warm so soft
i place my face against your chest and listen
listen to your heart
i can hear the sweet sound of your heart beating
soft and regular but a bit faster now
and yet a bit faster again as i cover your breasts with my kisses

i place kisses and then i listen
i want your heart to strain and flutter
like a bird
and beat faster and faster and faster
as i kiss, and kiss, and kiss

my face on your chest
your breast firmly in my mouth now
your heartbeat quickens yet again

and your skin begins to glow

i stop kissing though my mouth hungers
and lower my face once again
i listen

sweet sweet sound, the sweetest beat
so rapid now

and now my heart beats faster too
brimming with joy
knowing it was finally able to make you strain and flutter

like a bird

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

The creeping creep in circle light
ensnares the breath with seeping fright.

The stone approaches bells do sound
the trumpet blares the funeral round.

And down below where fires burn
those ice cold tears churn churn churn.

The hollow men
with limbs of straw
are burning there, forever more.

And though it hurts and harsh it fares
they sing God’s praises as He stares.

The song is noxious.
To cleanse the sin
soft hands of flame caress their kin.

The creeping creep in golden mail
greets Dawn’s first breath with thundering hail.

The marble luster white and cold
entwines a splash of marigold.

The petals dance the petals laugh
the dew drops bathe the epitaph.

Those footprints there – my love did make
while gathering kisses for the wake.

Soft hands of flame – though lips be strong,
pray sin will melt before too long.

Moonlight Dance

for my O.C.

your wondrous eyes do haunt my soul
imagine them
dancing in the forest moonlight
silver moon beams piercing them through and through

you are dancing by the fire

face flushed
mouth covered with a secret smile
warm summer wind caressing your hair like a lover

your head held high

so proud so beautiful

ready for ….. anything

The Sea in Your Eyes

for my O.C.

deep dark eyes so warm so deep
i look into them and i drown

sweet release

surrounded by your warmth
safe now, safe forever

in your eyes

i seek out your fingers and cover them with kisses
i dare not seek out your face
my body burning in your warmth

never wanting to look away

you are all i see

i’m drowning

Old Man & His Wife

my old woman whispers and chides:
these old hips ….

they give way you know — the pain starts at the knuckles…

the stance gets wider and then…

lips pursed

smiles escape
salty and sweet

the clock beckons

and yet
an elegant turn of phrase
can change everything

and that is how you know that the years have been kind
and they have been so
so kind

turn your head and look

we were young once
can you believe it?

did you feel the sunshine on our skins?
weeds by the road and your smile

is all i can remember

Dwie Krople

for my O.C.

dwie krople deszczowe
pod wiatr sie gonily,
wichury sluchaly,
az braklo im sily.

i teraz w kaluzy oboje sie topia.
gonitwy skonczone,
cien wstega szeroka
z pochmurnym pomrukiem zakrywa im twarze.

deszczowa kaluza tak cicha, tak szara
niemrawo kolysze tych kropli niemara
co w nia wpadly.

i szepcze im troche,
do snu je utula
pociesza, oslania
do ziemii przytula.

bo koniec juz gonitw
bo koniec juz tancow,
koniec porywow i koniec rozancow,
w otchlani kaluzy jak krople usniemy.
nad nami pioruny

a my juz stesknieni
lona matki Ziemii.

Your Cigarette

for my O.C.

you’re at home now
you sit in your chair
take a cigarette
and start smoking

you see me coming thru your door

we dont say a word
i come to you
and kneel

i run my hands up your thighs
i caress your black miniskirt
it’s out of the way now

i am kissing your red panties
biting gently from time to time

you continue
to enjoy

your cigarette