dla Pieknej Pani

your embrace so warm so soft
i place my face against your chest and listen
listen to your heart
i can hear the sweet sound of your heart beating
soft and regular but a bit faster now
and yet a bit faster again as i cover your breasts with my kisses

i place kisses and then i listen
i want your heart to strain and flutter
like a bird
and beat faster and faster and faster
as i kiss, and kiss, and kiss

my face on your chest
your breast firmly in my mouth now
your heartbeat quickens yet again

and your skin begins to glow

i stop kissing though my mouth hungers
and lower my face once again
i listen

sweet sweet sound, the sweetest beat
so rapid now

and now my heart beats faster too
brimming with joy
knowing it was finally able to make you strain and flutter

like a bird